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Activities in Page, Arizona

Stay a While!

If you’re making the trip to Page, Arizona for the Balloon Regatta, there are a few other activities in town you won’t want to miss. We made a list of some of our favorite things to do in and around the area – but this is just a sample, for more please go to 


Lake Powell National Golf Course
400 N. Country Club Dr. (928) 645-2023


Riding the trail of Page is a biker’s dream – red rock on three sides and the cool, inviting blue of Lake Powell on the other. One of the best trails may be the Page Loop, an 8-mile ride encircling the town.



Paria Canyon (4-5 days)
Rainbow Bridge (2-3 days)

Horseshoe Bend (1- 1 ½ to 2 hours) – (1-1/2 Miles)
Page Rim Trails (8 miles total, portions of ½ hour hiking)

Scenic View (1 yard- step to rim of Colorado River Canyon)
Hanging Gardens (easy walk 1 mile round trip-45 minutes)
Portions of the golf course
North Mesa/ Potato Hill



John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum, Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam

Bird Watching

Over 300 migrating species, most notable is the California Condor.


Water Sports, Lake & River Tours


Striped bass, large and small mouth bass, crappie, catfish and pike.
Colorado River for world class trout.


Powerboat and houseboat rentals are available. Advanced reservations are recommended.


Daily rentals available.

Lake & River Tours


Rainbow Bridge 5 Hours – 7 ½ Hours
Take a trip to Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the world’s largest natural stone bridge. Beautifully sculpted by wind and water, this bridge is 290 feet tall and spans 275 feet between the canyon walls.

Canyon Adventures 2 ½ Hours
Visit Navajo Canyon, a dramatic canyon with dark varnish on the walls, created by manganese dioxide leaching out of the walls when it rains and running down the face of the cliff. It appears as a Navajo Tapestry or rug on the towering walls. You also see spectacular views of Tower Butte and Navajo Arch.

Antelope Canyon 1 ½ Hours
Voyage to Antelope Canyon by water with its scenic sandstone walls. See the steep canyon walls get narrower and narrower as you continue on your tour and finally where you can touch them from the boat!

Wahweap Bay 1 Hour
Cruise around Wahweap Bay on the Canyon Princess to relax and enjoy the unique rock formations surrounding Wahweap Bay. Castle Rock, Ice Cream Canyon and Lone Rock to name a few.

Dinner Cruise 2 ¼ Hours
Enjoy a Prime Rib dinner or vegetarian lasagna dinner aboard the Canyon Princess to see the breathtaking late-afternoon light transform as the colors change from deep red, to orange, to lavender, ginger, and silver.

Colorado River Float Trip ½ Day: 5hours
Sit back for a comfortable float down the Colorado River. Relax and experience a journey of incredible, colorful rock cliffs, entertaining stories, and the plethora of bird life. You might even see one of the California condors.

Land & Air Tours

Antelope Canyon / Slot Canyon Tour

Seen from the surface, a slot appears as slash, dark and rock-solid. From within you don’t find darkness, but a palette of colors, transmitted by light filtering down from above. The walls become brilliant reds, vibrant purples, glowing oranges, and finally a deep gray.

Hummer Tours

Fun for the whole family – a three hour tour
For the explorer/adventurer a five hour tour. Visit Staircase, Passage & Secret Canyons at your leisure.

Sightseeing Flights

The tours range 30 min. to 5 hrs. Take breathtaking flights over Lake Powell including Rainbow Bridge and Escalante River. Enjoy a scenic flight over Grand Canyon and Colorado River, fixed wing only.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Breathtaking flight into the sunrise. Your adventures will take approximately three hours with a flight time of one hour. Inflation and the traditional ceremony of completion coupled with a certification of first flight add to the thrill and excitement.